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Dear visitor, dear Scotland lover,

After 18 years of putting my heart, time, effort and passion in this website the time has come to let go.

With a heavy heart I can announce that this website will close for good on July 1, 2024.

From this day on this website will no longer be modified nor updated.

I hope this site gave you a bit of pleasure during your visits.

A fast changing world with hardly any interest in the subject, fast growing and new technology which makes it hard to keep up with marketing strategies, and also fellow websites disappearing made the choice practically easy for me.

Scotland will always be in my heart and I will certainly visit my beloved second home in the future. 

THANK YOU for the times you visited the site or asked a question via e-mail.

God bless you all and maybe we meet some time in Scotland. The first round is on me ; )

Hamish the coo

Hullo, I am Hamish your website host for today.

This site is in English and partly in Flemish Dutch.

I will appear next to important or interesting things on these pages.

We are NOT a travel agency but we do LOVE and ADMIRE this most beautiful country. And we like to share our experiences with you.

Enjoy your visit and please come back very often...

and PLEASE bring turnips!


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September 9, 2023 will be the 480th anniversary of the

    Crowning of Mary, Queen of Scots

François Clouet, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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More remarkable anniversary dates in 2023 in Scotland's history

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1940 years ago - 83 AD The Romans defeat The Caledonians at the Battle of Mons Graupius

1460 years ago - 563 AD Saint Columba founds a monastery at Iona and begins his mission to the northern Picts

1385 years ago - 638 AD - Edinburgh captured by Angles

1165 years ago - 858 AD - Kenneth MacAlpin died

1005 years ago - 1018 AD - King Malcolm II defeated Northumbrians at Battle of Carhma; first modern border formed between Scotland and England

760 years ago - 1263 AD - Scots defeated Norwegians at Largs

725 years ago - 1298 AD - English defeated Wallace and Scots at Battle of Falkirk

720 years ago - 1303 AD - Army of 8,000 Scots defeated English army of 30,000 at Battle of Roslin

710 years ago - 1313 AD - Robert the Bruce invaded Isle of Man

695 years ago - 1328 AD - Treaty of Edinburgh signed, recognized Scotland's independence; ended 30 years of wars

690 years ago - 1333 AD - Edward III invaded Scotland; defeated Scots

685 years ago - 1338 AD - English gave up siege of Dunbar Castle

600 years ago - 1423 AD - Treaty of London released James I after 18 years of captivity

535 years ago - 1488 AD - King James III killed at Battle of Sauchieburn

520 years ago - 1503 AD - King James IV married Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII of England

510 years ago - 1513 AD - King James IV, thousands of Scots killed at Flodden; King James V (aged one) crowned

495 years ago - 1528 AD - Patrick Hamilton, Protestant martyr, burned at stake in St. Andrews

480 years ago - 1543 AD - Mary Queen of Scots crowned (nine months old)

475 years ago - 1548 AD - English built major fortification at Haddington; French rescued Mary Queen of Scots

465 years ago - 1558 AD - Mary Queen of Scots married Francois, Dauphin of France

455 years ago - 1568 AD - Mary fled to England

440 years ago - 1583 AD - King James VI escaped

420 years ago - 1603 - Queen Elizabeth I of England died; James VI of Scotland now also King James I of England

385 years ago - 1638 - Covenanters rebelled against Charles I

380 years ago - 1643 - Covenanters agreed to aid English parliamentarians against King

375 years ago - 1648 Second Civil War began; Oliver Cromwell defeated Scots at Preston

335 years ago - 1688 - Rioting in Edinburgh spread across Scotland; King James VI deposed, fled

180 years ago - 1843 - Free Church of Scotland established

155 years ago - 1868 - Reform Act passed, all male householders eligible to vote

140 years ago 1883 - Steamer "Daphne" sunk on river Clyde, 124 drowned

135 years ago - 1888 - Scottish Labour Party formed

100 years ago - 1923 - 40 miners drowned in pit disaster at Redding

95 years ago - 1928 - National Party for Scotland formed; women over 21 received right to vote; discovery of penicillin by Sir Alexander Fleming announced

60 years ago - 1963 - Last hanging in Scotland took place

55 years ago - 1968 - Winds of over 100 mph struck Glasgow, 250,000 homes damaged, 1,700 homeless, 20 killed

35 years ago - 1988 - Bomb on Pan Am flight 757 exploded, crashed at Lockerbie, killed 243 passengers, 16 crew, 11 residents

30 years ago - 1993 - Tanker ran aground in Shetland Islands, spilled 26 million gallons light crude oil

20 years ago - 2003 - Dolly, the cloned sheep, died

15 years ago - 2008 - Scottish National Party overturned Labour majority in election

Kenneth McAlpin
battle of falkirk
Mary queen of scots
James VI of Scotland

Air Accident Investigation Branch, OGL 2 <http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/doc/open-government-licence/version/2>, via Wikimedia Commons

Dolly the sheep

Photo courtesy of The Roslin Institute, The University of Edinburgh

Lion rampant

By Workshop of Nicolas de Largillière - Derivative works of this file:  Voltaire-2008-11-24.jpg http://www.deism.com/images/Voltaire.jpg (old image: From en wikipedia), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=23942

“We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilisation.” -


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