O Caledonia! stern and, wild,

Meet nurse for a poetic child!

Land of brown heath and shaggy wood

Land of the mountain and the flood,

Land of my sires!

                                               - Sir Walter Scott -


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April 16, 2021 marked the 275th anniversary of the

    Battle of Culloden

More remarkable anniversary dates in 2021 in Scotland's history

750 years ago - 1266 AD - Norway ceded Hebrides to Scotland in Treaty of Perth

725 years ago - 1296 AD - English defeated Scots at Battle of Dunbar;

                                           England annexed Scotland;

                                           Scottish coronation stone "Stone of Destiny" moved to England

715 years ago - 1306 AD - King Robert I ("The Bruce") crowned

650 years ago - 1371 AD - Robert II became first Scottish Stewart King

600 years ago - 1421 AD - French and Scottish troops defeated English at Anjou, France

525 years ago - 1496 AD - James IV raided Northumberland

460 years ago - 1561 AD - Mary Queen of Scots left France, returned to Scotland

455 years ago - 1566 AD - King James VI born

435 years ago - 1586 AD - Mary Queen of Scots, arrested, tried for treason in plot to kill

                                           Queen Elizabeth of England

415 years ago - 1606 AD -  England, Wales, Scotland adopted Union flag

375 years ago - 1646 AD -  Charles I surrendered to Covenanters and was imprisoned

355 years ago - 1666 AD - King's army defeated Covenanters at Battle of Rullion Green

295 years ago - 1726 AD - First railway opened between Edinburgh and Dalkeith 

190 years ago - 1831 AD - major outbreak of cholera in Scotland

175 years ago - 1846 AD - Caledonian Canal between Inverness and Fort William opened;

                                           10-year Highland potato famine began;

                                           Corn Law repealed

120 years ago - 1901 AD - Queen Victoria died

80 years ago - 1941 AD - Shipyards at Clydeside bombed by Luftwaffe, 1,000 killed

50 years ago - 1971 AD - Stadium collapse in Glasgow killed 66 football fans;

                                         decimal currency introduced

25 years ago - 1996 AD - Gunman murdered 16 school children and teacher in Dunblane;       

                                         Stone of Destiny returned, installed in Edinburgh Castle;

                                         cloned lamb (named Dolly), born in Edinburgh

15 years ago - 2006 AD - Smoking ban in all public places took effect

5 years ago - 2016 AD - Great-Britain voted for a Brexit, leaving the European Union,

                                       large majority of Scotland wanted to remain in the EU.

“We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilisation.” -


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